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Exterior Painting

All exterior surfaces take a beating from the sun and heat. Why pay for a paint job that will have to be redone in 5 years?

We offer the best preparation and the best products to ensure that you get long-lasting protection from your next paint job.

Our specs include pressure washing, thorough scraping/sanding, applying proper primers, using premium lifetime caulk, and top-of-the-line paint.

Interior Painting

We prioritize cleanliness, accurate scheduling, and a family-friendly work environment to ensure that you get the best experience from having painters in your home.

You can expect smooth finishes, durable paints, and a beautiful appearance when your project is complete.

And color consultations are always part of the job!

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We paint kitchen cabinets with ultra-durable next-generation finishes, factory-sprayed by an expert cabinet painting crew, giving you a full cabinet makeover to enjoy for years to come!

Hundreds of our customers are now enjoying a brand new kitchen, without costly and invasive whole-kitchen remodels.

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Whether you need interior or exterior painting, some small repairs or a whole house repainted, we make sure you have a great experience and a long-lasting paint job.

Core Values

We strive to embody our Core Values, which set us apart from many other contractors: Service, Craftsmanship, Integrity, Ownership, and Relationships. Each of these Core Values is equally important in building a business that focuses on doing our absolute best for our customers, our coworkers, and our community.

Get Accurate Scheduling

We know first-hand the frustrations of dealing with flaky contractors, especially when it comes to scheduling!

We want to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers, so we prioritize on-time appointments, great communication, honest long-term projections and accurate scheduling.

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“Spray ‘n Coat was fantastic! Jacob clearly went over the whole process before he began and answered all our questions thoroughly. The house turned out amazing. We have a 1962 Mid Century and we needed a painter who would do the job with as much care and love as we have for the house and they did just that. I highly recommend Spray ‘n Coat if you want it done right and at a great price.”

Daniel M.

Vegas, NV

We could’ve easily given Jacob and his crew “10” stars for doing an excellent work at our house. Our exterior doors, wood trim and paint were amazingly restored as if they’re brand new. In addition to their excellent work, Jacob and his crew are very honest, trustworthy, dependable, and efficient. We will definitely use his services in the future. We highly recommend Jacob and his crew at Spray ‘n Coat without hesitation👍👍👍.

Alex L.

Vegas, NV

Our Project Management Steps

Our quotes are professional and organized so you can see all that we offer and have peace of mind when evaluating the best value for your painting project.

Step 1

Schedule a free quote for us to meet you and understand your specific goals so we can provide you a written quote for this project.


Step 2

When you schedule a project with us, we’ll build an outline that includes the specific details, including colors, products, prep, the scope of painting, and more.

Step 3

The day we start your project, one of our lead painters will review the written work order with you onsite for accuracy and answer any questions you have as we move forward.



Upon completion of your project, our lead painter will walk you through the project to make sure you are happy with the end result.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paints do you use?

We have literally spent decades testing, using, and researching the best paints for every situation. From the exact necessary primers to the best specialized top coats, we use only great quality products. We are a preferred vendor for paint companies, who trust us to apply the products properly so that each homeowner can receive the full value of the paint.

For instance, our standard restoration process for badly weathered exterior wood trim is: 1 full coat of Extreme Block Oil Primer and then top-coat with the premium Sherwin-Williams Duration paint.

Will you help me choose colors?

Yes! We are happy to provide a free color consultation as part of our Project Management process. Whether you need to match a color, choose a new accent color, or totally shake things up, we can help get you started and help narrow down the options.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a full 1-year Craftsmanship warranty. You can have peace of mind that you are receiving the best work on your project. Over the course of the year if you notice we made a mistake, or we missed a spot, or another issue arises, rest assured that we will take care of you.

In addition, we are a preferred vendor for paint companies, who trust us to apply the products properly so that each homeowner can receive the full warranty of the paint we use.

How much does it cost to paint my exterior?

That is always a difficult question to answer accurately, without first meeting you and seeing your home. Prices can vary based on the linear feet of the fascia, to how many doors the home has, to how many square footage, color placements, paint, and many other factors.

And remember, we don’t skip necessary prep in order to offer a discount price, so the current paint condition is a factor as well.

We would love to meet you and provide a free quote for your project by calling (702)728-0002!

How long will my exterior paint job last?

We are pushing back against the trend that homeowners need to re-paint portions of their houses every 3-5 years. Too often we see cheap paint and cutting corners equal very poor performance.

With proper prep and the right products, we want to double or triple that expectation. If we use our top-of-line system, you can expect your exterior paint to last 15+ years.

How much does it cost to paint my interior?

We customize each quote, based upon the size of the project, which paints would be best for you and your home, and over-all prep needed.

We would love to meet you and provide a free quote for your project by calling (702)728-0002!

Can you fix stucco cracks?
Yes! It is important to fix these large stucco cracks, to preserve the life of the stucco.
We use a premium caulk on all of our jobs, and we can texture it as we apply it to help it blend into the stucco.
What about my doors?

We love to use an exterior enamel on the front doors, to provide a beautiful and durable finish. Front doors can be a fun splash of color, or can play off of one of the current colors that are on the home.

We can also paint garage doors and other entry doors.

Will you remove my old satellite dish?

We can remove those unsightly old satellite dishes and fill the holes before painting.

Do you pressure wash?

Pressure washing is part of our standard prep when painting a whole exterior.

We also offer pressure washing as a stand-alone service, if you just want to clean and brighten your home, patio, driveway, or walkways.

Do you clean windows?

We offer professional window cleaning as an additional service. It can be super helpful to get those exterior windows cleaned, especially those 2nd story windows while we are already on site with the ladders and equipment.

We remove the screens, clean the glass, and wipe down the frames.

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