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What to do about stucco cracks?

Written by Jacob Parrish

Jacob has been painting since he was 12yrs old, first working with his dad all through his teenage years, and starting his own branch of the business when he was 19. He has painted everything from roofs to cabinets to garage floors over a span of 22+ years, staying on the forefront of new application techniques and cutting edge paint products. His ultimate passion is combining craftsmanship and customer service to help reclaim the contractor-customer relationship.

August 31, 2022

Most exterior stucco painting in Las Vegas is done cheaply and poorly.

Too often we see houses sprayed with 50% paint, in one direction, with little pre-work beforehand.

One time, while we were painting a customer’s interior, we watched a local painting company power wash the neighbor’s house for 10 minutes. 10 minutes??? It takes us 1-3 hours to properly power wash a house before painting!

Not to mention that this neighbor’s house had a ton of stucco cracks, and none of them got filled before painting.

During the Las Vegas exterior house painting a lot of contractors will skip over the crack-filling, saying it’s not necessary. But the cracks are ugly, and if left unattended will eventually turn into stucco damage (chunks of stucco falling off your home).

We always offer an option to the homeowner for filling the stucco cracks, because we believe it helps ensure the long-term life of the stucco. We use a urethanized caulk sealant with a “blotching” technique to help the crack repair blend into the stucco (otherwise you get shiny spiderweb lines from the repairs).

Filling the cracks goes a long way toward properly painting a house… Just like using great paint, spraying it multiple directions to penetrate the rough stucco, and doing proper prep beforehand.

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